The butterfly is free…

Charlotte Jennie Reynolds: July 9, 2005-January 7, 2010

Charlotte passed away this afternoon at about 12:30 PM. Her departure was very peaceful and very quiet. Her breathing gradually slowed and she actually opened her eye (partially) on her last breath. Then she did not breath again.

Even in her passing she was beautiful.

The house is now filled with the Noah’s Children folks. Prayers have been said by Pastor Ed. We have cried many tears (and they will not be the last) but I think I can safely say that we are at peace.

Family will be coming into town soon. At this point, we appreciate that you respect our privacy and our need for some time alone. Roger and I may possibly “retreat” somewhere for a few days.

As mentioned before, plans are moving along for her service as scheduled:

Saturday, January 16, 2010, 1PM

Blackwell Auditorium at Randolph-Macon College

Reception to follow at Duncan Memorial

Dress code: PINK and/or PURPLE (no black!)
Children are welcome and encouraged.

That is all for now.

66 thoughts on “The butterfly is free…

  1. So sorry for your loss! CJ is now at peace, and I hope that you both find some comfort in how much she has touched so many lives. Peace and comfort are in my prayers for you both.Love Paula


  2. May Charlottes butterfly wings shimmer in the everlasting sparkle of Heaven. May she watch over your family, and may she find peace in her newly gained health. The Lord loves her enough to want her with him, and may you find peace in that. I pray for your family, and that you find happiness in this time of darkness, with the simple fact that you had, cross that, HAVE an amazing daughter.


  3. This fills me with such sadness. I’m so sorry for your loss and your family is in my thoughts and prayers.I don’t personally know your family but have been following your story for some time. Please know that Charlotte touched lives – she has touched mine.


  4. sweet peace and joy. dance on the clouds charlotte, never to hurt again dear Angel…….our deepest sympathies to your family.


  5. My heart is with you, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story as honestly as you did. It helps put everything in life in perspective. I am so sorry for your loss, I never met you beautiful baby girl, but I feel like I know all of you. May God bless & keep you in the palm of His hand.


  6. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for allowing us to share in your journey over the past year. The beauty of a fluttering butterfly will forevermore be linked to your amazing daughter.~Jennifer, Brad, Brandon, & Julie Bateman


  7. Thinking about you Rachel and Roger as your little butterfly begins a new journey in her life. May you somehow find peace at such a difficult time.


  8. And Butterflies are free to fly……I like to think that on her last breath, Charlotte opened her eyes because she saw the beauty that was Heaven. My heart aches and grieves for your family. To loss a child is incomprensible. You are in my prayers.God Bless


  9. May God fill your hearts with strength and love during the following days.You have shared very intimate moments and emotions with so many(many that neither of you have ever met)and we thank you. Caringbridge and CJs Foundation has opened our eyes, minds and hearts on not only your family but those who are dealing with such a horrific situation. In life people become caught up in their own lives they over look others and their needs, CJ has brought so many of us together in many different ways. It will change our lives forever and for the better. Rachel and Roger, you have been blessed with an incredible daughter. One who left too soon but impacted so many. Her imprint is forever in our lives. Our prayers are with you and your family.


  10. Now that Charlotte is at peace, I pray that you both will be able to find a measure of peace for yourselves. As always, you are in our thoughts and prayers. The Brantley Family


  11. you have been and always will be in our thoughts and prayers…..Bradley, Deanna, Hunter, Holly, Rodger and the rest of the Sylvia Family….Love is God and God is Love


  12. I am so sorry to hear about Charlotte’s passing. I did not realize what was happening when I saw you at the FACES event. I am simply amazed at your strength, courage and love for all children.Georgia


  13. Hello admirable parents!Whether you like it or not (lol), You continue to amaze us with your strength and determination to make the best of your life. Consequently you touch our lives too. My best exhortation to both of you for tackling your health so quickly. You are a great role model to many of us. I wish your retreat is a very warm and cozy one. Enjoy having each other. I wonder how much more you know each other now. Very profound experience. Thank you for the last couple of posts. I didn’t expect it, since you need time to be alone. But as we all have come to know you for a while now, you guys are soooo good in giving. God bless you. Your words touched so very many.


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