First Annual CJSTUF Butterfly Social

Wanted: Creative Hosts and Hostesses

Do you like to entertain? Welcome your friends & family to celebrate with dinner, drinks, or refreshments in exchange for a donation to CJ’s Thumbs Up Foundation.  
Plan to host an event in your home (or any place of your choosing) sometime between May 23 and June 5, 2011. You decide on a theme and your guest list.  The options are limitless:
  • Pizza party
  • Family Movie night
  • Memorial Day Barbecue
  • Fancy Gourmet Dinner
  • Neighborhood Block Party  
  • Elegant Tea Party  
 After you pick a date, contact us so that we can provide a host toolkit to help with all your party planning needs. The toolkit includes invitations and reply cards (that can be sent electronically or via paper), CJSTUF fact sheet to share with guests, party ideas, and a step-by-step guide to creating a fabulous Butterfly Social.
For more information, you can visit our website or contact our Event Coordinator

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