Go Team CJ!

The race is on (or at least imminent).

It’s 4:15 AM Pacific Time and Roger is off to the races. As mentioned previously, Big Sur is a little different from most marathons in that there are no general “spectators” along the course so my usual job of navigating from post to post during the race has been made obsolete. 

That’s ok. I’ll post on the blog instead.

Roger and the rest of “Team CJ-West Coast Unit” are making their way to their respective starting lines as we speak. I will be joining them at the end.  

Yesterday, we played tourist yet again. We met James, our college buddy from UM, and his beautiful family at the Monterey Aquarium and saw all the exciting wildlife. The evening was spent with a pasta party hosted by our local race chair, Shelley Wilkinson. We got to talk with and meet all the people who are running on our behalf as well as Devon Dabbs,  the co-founder of the Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition. CHPCC is our local  beneficiary of some of the fundraising completed by TEAM CJ here in California. Based on our early fundraising returns, we were able to present the organization with a check for $500. We hope send more as additional donations trickle in!

More updates coming soon.  Stay tuned. 


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