4th Anniversary Of CJSTUF

logo_colorJanuary 6, 2014 marks the 4th anniversary of the official incorporation of CJ’s Thumbs Up Foundation as a tax-exempt 501(C)3 organization.  Four years of helping families of children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses.  Four years of letting frightened parents know that they aren’t alone.

Here are some stats:

120 Financial Assistance Grants awarded in four years totaling $60,000. In 2014, we plan to expand that by at least 40.

Almost 5,000 meals served via Lunch Bunch and Meal Fairies. Again, 2014 will see that number rise substantially.

The Meal Fairies will be expanding in 2014 along with everything else!
The Meal Fairies will be expanding in 2014 along with everything else!

Over $10,000 in emergency financial assistance distributed which ranged from gas cards to help with rent.

We are kind of proud of these numbers but the fact is that it is our generous supporters who have made it all possible. Everyone from the kid who emptied his pockets of change to throw into our jar while we were gift wrapping at Barnes & Noble to the amazing students at Deep Run High School who handed us a check for $10,000 after the Deep Run Marathon Dance to every small donation you’ve made that has added up to so much hope.

Charlotte JennieOf course, we are constantly reminded that without our friends who helped us fill out the documents and prepared our original website, we would be nowhere. Thank you all for allowing us to continue to honor our little butterfly.  We look  forward to  CJSTUF doing amazing things in 2014.  Please keep your eyes open  for the “Bald Chick’s  Rock!” T-shirt sale and Thumbs Up Ball in February, TEAM  CJ at the Ukrop’s Monument Ave  10K, and much more…

Again…thank you,
CJ’s Mommy and Daddy
Rachel and Roger Reynolds


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